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I appreciated all the helpful business columns you wrote for the Coffee Cup Companion last year. They were very helpful to me, as I am learning about self-employment. They inspired me to get a business coach (she is also in the field that I am in which is a plus). Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for sharing your insight and expertise.

Trace Westlake

In February 1999, I hired Brain-Trusts to help the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies with marketing endeavors.  We were looking at a year that would be challenging financially, if immediate efforts were not undertaken to quickly increase the projected income.  They thought of an immediate solution and together we structured a marketing plan to see it through.  Four month’s of their intensive efforts increased the school’s revenue enough to put it back on track.

Brain-Trust's enthusiasm and passion were part of the necessary impetus for change.  They are easy to work with, dedicated and honest.  Being in charge of the financial department of the school, I appreciated their professional knowledge that they offered me in a time of challenge and crises.

Brain-Trust's down to earth style, their direct and goal-oriented approach can make things happen.  They have helped many businesses reach the next level of development.

Shari Hindman, Director of Business Administration

Brain-Trusts has been my business consulting company for the last two years.  They are very knowledgeable in helping individuals start their new business ventures.  Brain-Trusts is competent in writing both business and marketing plans.

During these years Brain-Trust's creativity has expanded in many areas to produce many ideas for new businesses in an ever changing society.  I recommend using Brain-Trusts expertise in developing your ideas, as well as adapting their concepts to what you want to do in creating your own small business which may blossom into a Fortune 1000 company.

Ann E. Williamson, Ph.D., Professional Coach

Brain-Trusts was responsible for both administration and sales duties.  They grew the company from inception.  They were actively involved with the initial and on-going strategic planning including formulation of our business plan.

Brain-Trusts professionalism and ability to work with people nurtured long-term business relationships.

Germaine E. Barnes, Vice-President  BioSolutions, Inc.


 I have worked closely with Brain-Trusts in both the sales of BioFlora’s environmental and agricultural products.  Brain-Trusts pioneered the sales of environmental products for BioFlora.

They has established significant accounts and distributors for the company.

I found Brain-Trusts to be effective in sales and creative in adapting BioFlora’s technology to a variety of marketing applications.  Brain-Trusts has been dependable and effective in a number of problem solving situations.

I recommend Brain-Trusts for their ethics, integrity, leadership and sales ability.

Brain-Trusts will be an asset to any organization.

Ken Martin,  National Director Environmental Division

I am a professional massage therapist living in an area with high competition for massage services.  I was looking for innovative ideas on how to market my skills, and eventually build a home practice.  I have never started a business on my own and I found Brain-Trusts to be extremely helpful in encouraging me to envision all the parameters of what my practice might look like and in forming practical, realistic strategies for getting there.  This included revamping my resume, coming up with a marketing and business plan, and providing me with networking contacts.

I know the sessions I had with Brain-Trusts will continue to prove invaluable in my professional development.  I highly recommend their services to anyone who is making any kind of life/career or business change, or anyone who is looking for creative solutions for business dilemmas.  Brain-Trusts guided and encouraged me to look beyond the limits of my taken-for-granted concepts, and provided a clear means through which I could see what was possible.

Dharce A. Greenwald, Professional Massage Therapist

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