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Brain-Trusts services are varied and include working with existing businesses and organizations, start-up companies and individuals to create new marketing strategies, new products and services or entire new business ventures.  Brain-Trusts also visions and develops new exciting business ventures. 

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 Existing Businesses or Organizations

            Working with existing structures to increase market share 

            Masterminding/Visioning new related services and products

            Visioning new unrelated products and services

            Developing new marketing and sales strategies

            Develop strategies for implementation of new ideas

            Masterminding process re-engineering of existing protocols

            Visioning of total company refocus  

Start-up Companies

             Brain-storming the ideas

Consulting on the business implementation

            Develop a strategic action plan

            Visioning the products or services to be offered

Development of the Business Plan

            Masterminding the Marketing Plan

            Develop sale strategies to complement marketing plan   


             Masterminding their desires and goals

            Brainstorming their strong-points 

            Visioning their entrepreneurial dreams

            Developing new business concepts or ideas

            Discovering an existing business entity that meets their needs

            Visioning a new business entity that excites and challenges

            See Start-up above 

 New Business Visions and Ideas

            Constantly envisioning new business ideas

            Develop the business concept with interested parties

            Sale of new business visions to qualified companies or individuals

            Adding new ideas of other visionaries to the list of available businesses

            Work with other visionaries to sell their ideas and concepts.

            Develop and implement business start-up for sold ideas

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