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"The greatest risk you can take is not to take one."
Rick Allen
    Becky Haugen    Jim Matheson

Do you keep making the same decisions over and over again and expecting different results?

Brain-Trusts Visionaries work with businesses, organizations and individuals to move outside their existing paradigms, to think outside of the box, to have the creative will and support to brainstorm and create new ideas, attitudes and actions, which will bring new enthusiasm, creativity and abundance to their business, organization or themselves personally.

We work with all types of businesses, organizations and individuals as an innovator in designing creative ideas for implementation.

At this very minute, every American business has something that needs to be refined, re-engineered or completely discarded.  Brain-Trusts has worked with several companies to discover (brain-storm), their goals, needs and vision for the future.  Helping them to step outside of the box and find new and exciting solutions to move from their existing paradigm to the next level.

By working closely with these companies, as the mastermind, to brainstorm new ideas, new products, new services and new concepts, they have been able to increase profitability and take their companies to the next level.

About the CEO of Brain-Trusts
Rick Allen - Professional Summary

Rick Allen has over 26 years of experience in business management, business marketing and sales. During his long career, he has owned or managed over 18 individual businesses.

In his broadly based career, Mr. Allen has amassed vast knowledge in a wide variety of fields. He has experience in Consulting, Business Management, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Education, Biological Remediation and Reclamation, Turf and Agricultural Enhancement, Human and Animal Nutrition, Business Systems Analysis, Process Re-engineering, Large Ticket Sales, the Sale of both Tangible and Intangible Products and Services, plus Criminal and Civil Investigations.

Mr. Allen has over 12 years of experience in retail business and has been instrumental in taking new business concepts through the development stage to fruition. He has owned several retail businesses and worked with manufactures to expand their retail and wholesale territories.

Mr. Allen has consulted with several developing companies, taking them from their initial concept through their startup phase to their successful ongoing operation. On occasion, he has worked as an interim general manager to assure that the business not only survives but becomes prosperous.

During the course of his career he has also worked with existing companies to refine and innovate their operations, assisting them in identifying new markets, developing new procedures, products or services and implementing new strategies to successfully target and capture increased market share.

In his role as an Entrepreneur, he has fulfilled the responsibilities of Corporate President/CEO, General Manager, Education Business Manager, and Regional Manager. He has hands on experience with Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietors, and Franchise Operations.

Currently, as president of the Brain-Trusts, Inc. consulting firm, he shares a wealth of knowledge with his clients as they seek to navigate their way to a position of market dominance.

Academic Degrees / Certifications:
Advanced Professional Consultant - Alliance of Professional Consultants.

Our CEO is credentialed as an: Advanced Professional Consultant

About the Co-Creator of Brain-Trusts 

Becky Haugen has over fifteen years of experience designing, developing and implementing coaching to build the structures that support people's lives or their businesses.  Becky is a Professionally Certified Coach, a Graduate of Coach University and has been actively coaching clients since 1996.  As a teacher, life advocate and business owner she has the tools and skillfulness to coach clients to succeed, find balance and create fulfillment in all  areas of their lives and business.
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Becky brings to coaching over fifteen years of successfully working with people:

  • to find and attain their personal goals 
  • to progress in taking full responsibility for their lives 
  • to bring clarity to the decision making processes 
  • to enhance their personal and professional relationships 
  • to find choice where none seemed to exist 
  • to free them from the limitations of the past  

    Business & Career Coaching

    • Professional Growth

    • Career Development

    • Career Transition

    • Education

    • Web Content

    • Special Projects

    • Business Plans

    • Marketing Plans

    • New Market Development

    • Business Development

Types of Clients We Work With 

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals 
  • Consultants: trainers, facilitators 
  • Professionals: all aspects 
  • Managers: all levels 
  • Leaders: CEOs, executives 
  • Educators, Students; Non-Traditional
  • Career & Life Development
  • Artistic: writers, painters, photographers, actors

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Jim Matheson,
Leadership Growth & Development

Jim works as a naturalist and instructor with Jefferson County Open Space and is a Colorado Native Plant Master. He is a body therapist and Reiki Master assisting people with their spiritual awareness and physical challenges related to the energy dynamics within their bodies. All of his classes and healing work stems from a deep and abiding love of nature and a wish to share with anyone who needs the nurture that nature offers.

Visit Jim http://www.earthwisdomways.com

Explore Leadership Development through Jim's workshop:

Leading from the Soul