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Brain-Trusts is a visionary company that works with existing businesses to develop their new products and services, or to expand their existing markets.  Brain-Trusts visionary processes  include envisioning entirely new business opportunities ranging from retail, to wholesale, to education, to health and beyond. Some are product oriented and others are service oriented.  What is your preference?

At present, Brain-Trusts has over 20 business ideas envisioned and ready for the right entrepreneur or existing company to manifest.  Brain-Trusts also works closely with other visionaries to continually add to the list of available business ideas for sale. These are businesses that would have little or no existing competition in today’s market place or your area of residence. These ideas could require as little as a few thousand dollars to initiate or up to several million dollars.  Where would you like to begin your quest for your future?

For these opportunities, Brain-Trusts looks for individuals with an entrepreneurial attitude and ability to own and operate their own business, or existing companies that want to add to or change their current products or services.  Are you ready to change your existing paradigm? 

These business visions come with Brain-Trusts working closely with you to complete your business, marketing and sales plans along with helping, through our consulting contacts, to set up your company to meet any required State and Federal Laws.  After implementation of your business, Brain-Trusts will continue to work with you as a visionary and consultant to help insure the continued success of your new venture.

Due to the proprietary and confidential nature of these envisioned business ideas, we do not list them on this web site.  Also, because of the ever-changing list of what is still available and what is being added on a continuous basis, we want you to have the most updated information.

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