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Thriving In A Declining Economy

Another year has been etched into the annals of history, and we now
embark on the exciting and unpredictable future that 2003 holds for
all of us.

This is the first 2003 edition of the Brain-Trusts quarterly newsletter. This publication is dedicated to discussing innovative (sometimes new and sometime seasoned) ideas on how we can improve our businesses during the coming year.

In these publications, we will:

*Discuss the opinions of myself and other professionals on how
to improve our businesses in today's changing market.

*Recommend publications and articles, we feel will be beneficial
to many areas of your Business, Professional and Personal

*Notify you of coming events, training seminars and on-line
classes available through other consultants, professionals and
Brain-Trusts International, Inc. These learning opportunities
will be beneficial to you, your managers/employees and company
in many areas including business management and employee
personal development.

Some events & trainings may be disseminated in separate broadcasts.

Increasing Revenue In a Declining Economy


Follow-up and Follow Through: Throughout my consulting career I have
been totally amazed by the number of people in business who do not
follow-up, do not return phone calls and do not return emails. In
any business, it is imperative that you adopt a proactive policy of
always following up with leads that are given to you, prospective
clients and current clients. It is unacceptable for any business not
to return a phone call or an email. You need to treat every phone
contact or email contact as the one that may generate hundreds,
thousands or millions of dollars to your company. You never know and
should never assume. I recommend that all follow-up should be
completed with in one working day.

I do not recommend that any company use e-mail auto-responders. Auto-
responders are telling your clients that you are too busy to read or
just do not care enough to respond to their emails and if at sometime
in the future you feel their contact deserves a real response you may
get back to them. One company found out the hard way about auto-
responders. Another company that also used auto-responders contacted
them and before the day was over their respective companies had
generated over 150 auto-responder messages to each other.

Follow Through. Make it a policy to never promise what you cannot
deliver. By adopting the policy to always under promise and over
deliver your clients should always be happy with your service. This
in turn will alleviate calls from unsatisfied clients and they will
help to promote your business. Tell your clients when you will get
back with them and then deliver as promised. I have a friend that
was recently looking for Health Insurance. The first agent did not
follow through with his promise to provide information for over three
weeks and then was upset when my friend purchased insurance from
another agent. The first agent was contacted 3 times for the

Remember for every unsatisfied client/customer they will tell 10
people who will tell 3 more. For every satisfied customer they will
tell 3 people. You need to work 10 times harder to build a good
business reputation then a bad one.

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The Art of Innovation Newsletter is published and distributed by
Brain-Trusts, International, Inc. Copyright 2003. Please contact
Rick Allen: strategist @ brain-trusts.com for questions or inquiries.