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Brain-Trusts is an Internationally recognized business consulting company.

Brain-Trusts utilizes the best of the principles of masterminding and brainstorming.   In our business approach we are able to take either an existing model, or an undeveloped idea and move it to implementation.  

Brain-Trusts is a business design company that is organized to meet the needs of the small and mid-sized company,  entrepreneur, small to mid-sized organizations and individuals.  

Brain-Trusts is in the field of business invention.  We assist in the development of new business concepts, restructuring of current business concepts and innovate new businesses.  Our creativity is the brainstorming we do to renovate, upgrade or redesign existing businesses or bring ideas into the market.

Our desire is to move our clients from their current position to a place in their market niche that is tremendously successful.

Our clients are widely successful in the opportunities we create and brain-think together

We are wildly successful as your:

  • Business Designer

  • Business Strategist

  • Business Inventor

  • Business Design Specialist 

  • Think Tank for Business

  • Business Engineer     

  • Creative Expert       

  • Brain-Storming Facilitator

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Our Vision
Brain-Trusts restructures the brain cells of businesses.

Our Mission
Brain-Trusts works with businesses, organizations and individuals as an innovator in designing creative ideas for implementation

Our Objective  
Our objective is to help businesses, organizations and individuals to move outside their existing paradigms, to think outside of the box and to have the creative will and support to brainstorm and create new ideas, attitudes and actions, which will bring new enthusiasm, creativity and abundance to their business, organization or themselves personally.

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