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“An organization is but a shadow of its leader.”

Ralph Waldow Emerson

The purpose of the seminar is not to increase your knowledge about management. Its purpose is not to increase your knowledge at all. The true purpose of Leading from the Soul is to expand your wisdom. Once you become aware of what makes life more satisfying, that very wisdom will create a better leadership style. The heart of leadership lies in the heart of leaders.

The more you understand yourself as an individual, the more successful you will become as a leader.

 The focal point is in the Art of Leadership.

            Understanding yourself

            Understanding others

            Understanding human dynamics

 This is what this seminar is all about: how life works, and how your role as a leader is a part of that process. 

Leading from the soul is based on reality. It begins with who you are as a person and how you became that way. It relates individual and interpersonal experiences to the organizational environment.

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